Major Locations ( will be updated as time goes on )

Desra, The Glimmering City – Desra is the jewel of Lorion, built into the shattered mountain range, it is the last bastion against the wastelands. Home to the now militant guilds who rule Lorion, Desra is the main city and capitol of Lorion.

Seaport- The southernmost city of Lorion. While not as large as Desra, SeaPort is massive in its own right. As can be expected by the name, Seaport is where most goods get imported and exported into and out of Lorion. The city has considerably strict laws to combat the crime that comes with seafarers. SeaPort is controlled mainly by the merchant and crafter’s guild.

Elerin – The only city that can possibly say that it has more trade than Desra is Elerin. Elerin is in the center of all trade routes of Lorion and has all manner of goods from around the world. With the increased business and ruthlessness of the market, Elerin has an ever increasing crime problem. The Crucible of Iron has responded by sending a reinforcements to the guard barracks there.

Skyreach- The partially sky-borne city on the northwestern side of Lorion. Skyreach, like Lorion, is built into a mountain. However, unlike Lorion, Skyreach is built on top of many different peaks. The main part of the city built at the base the four peaks of the Stalwart sisters, the guilds taking their places each on a peak. Only Arcanum does not follow this pattern, having constructed the fifth guild keep into a floating structure set in the center of the four peaks.

The Emerald Sea – The most wild part of Lorion, pure in almost every inch of it is the massive forest of the emerald sea. Home to the reclusive Fey, and only ever traveled by guild members of Natorum in a meditative solitude. Located on the south western part of Lorion.

Auralain Forest – A considerably large forest to the north of Desra.

Fort Trelard – Moderately sized town to the south of Desra, has a stronghold of lower ranking Crucible soldiers.

Caerleon – Town to the north of Desra and south of the Auralain Forest.

Foreign cities –
Anshel of Ferren – The metallic dragon ruled capitol of Ferren. Main combatant of the evil chromatic dragons to the south.

Zharon of Ahn’saresh- Home of the DemonBane conclave, meant to stave off the demon invasions to the north. Zharon is not the capitol of Ahn’Saresh but it is the main militant city.

Major Locations ( will be updated as time goes on )

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