Guilds, Leaders, and Lesser branches

Arcanum – The guild of Arcane arts and discovery
Lesser sect- the Wall Watchers, Realmseers
GM – High Arcanist Sel’Orn
Champions – Tempest Jolen ( stated information, might not be known by characters), Kienan of the Eternal Blade ( commander of the wall watchers)

Crucible of Iron – The guild of martial strength and protection
Lesser sect- The Vanguard (Leader of the Vanguard is Protector Diamont)
GM- Battlelord Olsorian
Champions- Ravager Duralain

Shadow’s Guile – The guild of shadows, trickery, and information gathering
Lesser sect- The Whispers
GM- Mistress Larissa, The Shadow
Champions- Aetherblade Durzo

Divinius – The guild of healing, worship, and holy acts
Lesser sect-
GM- High Vindicator Lady Nalia
Champions – Avenger Katsa

Natorum – The guild of maintaining nature and life while destroying corruption
Lesser sect- The Wyld Hunt
GM – Aspect Durn
Champions – Ketra the Feral

Guilds, Leaders, and Lesser branches

Champions of Lorion LordandSavior Slazad